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From Plate to Post: Instagram-Worthy Food Photos as Restaurant Marketing Tools

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From Plate to Post: Instagram-Worthy Food Photos as Restaurant Marketing Tools In a world bustling with food lovers, a dish’s journey from the kitchen to the spotlight on social media is an art form in itself. After all, forty-five percent of U.S. diners have visited a restaurant because of a social media post. It’s not just about tantalizing taste…

Brand Archetypes: A Guide

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There are brands we feel connected to, those we can’t get enough of, and then there are brands that are not our type. This deep and meaningful connection that brands build with their audience through brand evolution is more than a stroke of luck—it’s psychology. Brand archetypes are ubiquitous in modern marketing and use human psychology to help companies build a valuable, worthwhile relationship with their audience. This subject was first introduced to the branding world with The Hero and the Outlaw, a book that reminds its readers of the importance of stories and storytelling in marketing.

Keeping Up with the Joneses: How and Why to Track Your Competition

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According to restaurant industry trends, competition is a major challenge in the restaurant industry with 47% of operators expecting it to intensify in 2023. The food service industry is expected to continue in its growth, and in such a competitive market, restaurateurs need to remain informed to stay ahead of their competition. Restaurants that stand out among their competition ultimately get more customers and keep up their sales despite the challenging market that they are operating in. This article explains how to monitor competitors in the restaurant industry and why it is essential.

Optimizing Influencer Marketing For Restaurants

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Online familiarity fostered through influencer marketing on social media can help restaurants gain more traction and broaden their customer base. Recently, Matter Communications surveyed 1000 US consumers and found that 56% of respondents were interested in seeing food influencer posts. 51% of them further reported that they are likely to act on these posts. Whether a restaurant hasn’t been meeting its sales target or a new business is attempting to create brand awareness, social media, and influencer marketing for restaurants can be excellent tools for their digital marketing efforts. Not only do food influencers provide reviews for restaurants, but they also accompany their posts with visuals that generate familiarity with the brand image of the restaurants. Restaurants can begin to engage in influencer marketing by contacting influencers on popular social media platforms and inviting them to dine at their establishment. This article describes the best ways to utilize influencer marketing for restaurants to increase sales and brand awareness.

Restaurant Marketing Trends in 2023

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Restaurant marketing is ever-evolving, and remaining up-to-date on its best practices can help restaurateurs keep up with their competition. Restaurant businesses that have been active for many years but have lately not been meeting their sales targets, as well as new restaurants promoting their brand, can benefit from adopting these practices. With social media and digital marketing for restaurants, there are many aspects that can be utilized to achieve business goals. This article identifies potential tools that are available to gain more traction and help drive success in the restaurant industry.

The Definitive Guide For Event Venue Marketing

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Your customers are online. Be there, and showcase all the benefits of your event space. Collaborate with Event Management Systems (example: Tripleseat) or have your own system integrated in your website. You should get to know the event planners in your area. Ask them for lunch or dinner to show them around, share with them the sales kit, do a small presentation with food tasting and have that wow moment for them. Collect and include their emails in your database and share with them all your news and promotions.

A Guide To Email Signatures For Restaurants, Design and Installation

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A Guide To Email Signatures For Restaurants, Design and Installation. If you work in a restaurant, having a professional email signature for your emails is a must. It’s one of the first touchpoints with your customers – something to help you to stand out and make a positive impression on them. Whether guests reach out for event information, concerns or accolades regarding their experience, a professional looking signature is crucial to putting forward your best step, and also to provide essential contact information that is needed to either contact you or find out additional information regarding the facility. If you are unsure of where to start, here is a short guide on how to create an email signature.