Custom UI for Smart Vending

The U.S. market for smart vending machines now stands at over $8 billion and is expected to grow at a 10% compounded rate for the next several years. To take advantage of this opportunity many companies are expanding by deploying smart vending machines, many of which are equipped with manufacture installed generic operating system and User Interface (UI), as developing this software from scratch can be prohibitively expensive.

Unfortunately, this generic software has limitations that reduces the potential of these smart vending machines. For instance, some software may limit the ability to purchase multiple items in one transaction, or others may force a pre-authorization for a purchase before it is made. Generic UI also often lacks the ability to add video and media which can be used to broadcast your brand and add revenue through suggestive selling. Moreover, the brand of the company does not come through on a generic UI.

One solution, that is relatively affordable and provides many of the benefits of custom software, is to layer a custom UI on top of the operating system. This UI can be customized to your brand, supports video and media, offers touchless payment, can be configured to suggestive sell items, and can do away with pre-authorization.

Smart Vending

Benefits of adding your own customized UI are:

  • Customize to reflect your brand
  • Enable video and media
  • Suggestive selling
  • Touchless payment
  • Mobile app for cloud vending
  • Instant customer support functionality (SMS/Whatsapp)
  • Aesthetically please design
  • Removal of pre-authorization payments

Companies like Primi Digital ( offer these solutions and have successfully implemented this custom software at smart vending purveyors in the U.S.
If you are a player in the smart vending market, and want to super-charge your vending machines, consider adding a custom UI.

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